July 08, 2022


Let's All Huddle - Andri Reza

Let's All Huddle - Andri Reza
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Let's All Huddle - Andri Reza

Jul 08 2022 | 00:12:51


Show Notes

Why is sports a niche market in Asia?  Is the topic of food and the cheapest places to eat more interesting than talking about super human people who can run as fast as the flash or fly like they have wings?  One company that is trying to change the social conversations is Huddle - a sports marketplace app and content curator that helps athletes and fans connect and ease the process of discovering, participating, and paying for sports.

In our GPTV episode this week, we speak to  Air Up There Technologies (AUT Tech) Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Andri Reza on how HUDDLE plans to bring sporting change to our very tasty and hungry Asian culture.

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