May 18, 2022


From China to Hollywood - Vanessa Yao

From China to Hollywood - Vanessa Yao
Great People TV
From China to Hollywood - Vanessa Yao

May 18 2022 | 00:22:43


Show Notes

Vanessa Yao is a young and upcoming actress who plays "Mia" in the popular TV series, Kung Fu.  The Chinese-Canadian actress started her career in China after graduating from the prestigious Beijing Film Academy.

In this week's GPTV episode, Ben Ibrahim 's co-host will be his 9-year old daughter, Kyla Natasha, who is an avid fan of the Kung Fu TV series.  Kyla has just started Taekwondo and credits the actors of Kung Fu as her main  inspiration to study a Martial Arts discipline.  

Join us and get a chance to ask Vanessa some questions,  as we all want to know on what does it take to make in Hollywood.   What does that word talent now mean? Does it involve multiple language skills? How do you define the term "good looking"? Is singing and dancing part of the desired skillset?  Does being a good cook help?  All this and more will be answered on our exciting episode this week, featuring the talented Vanessa Yao.

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